About This Project

Anidos, is a street in the district of Polemidia, next to Ipsonas industrial area. Not long ago the area used to be occupied only by warehouses, workshops and other industrial uses, that in recent decades have been replaced with a series of residential buildings. The high demand for residential buildings led the area of Polemidia to become a primarily location for low cost residential projects. The project is located several blocks south Spyrou Kyprianou avenue. The proposed building occupies the maximum volume allowed by the regulations: a 15 m x 16 m orthogonal floorplan, with a height of about 15 m. The layout of each floor is distributed around the staircase and lift shaft. Allowing the primary programs to extend across a core of movement. Each level sustains two double bedrooms apartments. The main building façade faces north and every apartment can be ventilated from all directions. Both bedrooms maximize passive solar gain due the south orientation of the building. The living room area of each apartment opens to a 30 sqm cover balcony. Creating a unified experience between the interior and exterior areas. The cubical shape of the building envelope encloses the livings areas like a protective skin. While, the openings of the apartments share the same cutout method as the balconies and all the entry and exit points. In opposition to the upper floors white shell, the building base is consisted of grey concrete surfaces. The darker color of the cement works as a visual connective link between the building and the ground. Whereas the upper white envelope sits on top of the concrete base, as a lighter orthogonal form.


Kato Polemidia Residential Building 1


Kato Polemidia, Limassol, Cyprus

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