About This Project

The renovation takes place in the dense neighbourhood of Agios Nikolaos in Limassol, Cyprus. The semi-basement space is currently used as an open plan office. The 70m2 basement will be renovated and transformed as a one-bedroom apartment. Living room and kitchen programs coexist in an open plan area. Allowing an interacted relationship to be developed under a unified space. The spaces are naturally illuminated and ventilated by south and east windows. A semi-transparent cube made of polycarbonate material and aluminium frames, encloses the bedroom area. The transparency of this material gives the sense of a bigger space and when is lighted, works also as a lighting element for the living/kitchen area. A more private space is designed as a walk-in closet, which is consisted by wooden and glass elements. The bathroom is located behind the bedroom, towards the north side. Attached to the bathroom area there is an outdoor light shaft. It allows the space to ventilate naturally.


Basement Renovation


Ayios Nikolaos, Limassol, Cyprus

Square Meters

75 m²