About This Project

Apartment No.3 is an example of the ongoing transformation of the projects surrounding location: mid-rise residential buildings now occupy the place of old house and small lots. In the last few years, the radical residential development has transformed the local area from agriculture fields to a medium dense residential zone. The project plot is located in-between, two double story houses. On the west side of the plot, an inactive stream outlines the front entrance of the building. While the main road passes in-between the stream and the building. On the east, north and south side, neighbor houses surrounds the perimeter of the project. The three-story structure contains three floor apartments. Each level contains a three bedrooms apartment. Each of it covers an area of 140 sqm plus 37 sqm balconies. Each floor arranges every apartment symmetrically to the vertical circulation. The southwest living rooms face Garyllis river bed and the sea skyline, while the northeast bedrooms face the hills and the city skyline. Every flat stretch from the east to the west side of the building. Allowing all the interior spaces to maximize passive solar gain. The internal organization of each apartment considers two main areas, social and private. The social area organizes the access, the living room, dining and kitchen all into one single space, framed by a window that goes from floor to ceiling.


Mesa Geitonia Residential Building


Mesa Geitonia, Limassol, Cyprus

Square Meters

452 m²