About This Project

The site is located at Moni village, near Limassol district. Purpose of this project is to work as a peaceful family retreat which will enable interaction with the natural surrounding landscape, and as a weekend escape from the city life. The house is designed in one level and responds with a set of volumes that generate different degrees of privacy. The main spaces of the house, living room, kitchen and dining area, are oriented at the south. The communal spaces are connected with patios and unified with the outdoors. Allowing a direct interaction with the exterior views and the landscape. A corridor interferes in order to connect east and west sides and at the same time separates the quiet, private spaces at the north. A visual communication with the landscape is allowed, through the large windows which offer views to the surrounding agricultural fields. Corridor skylights, improve the sustainability since they allow warm air to escape through. Furthermore, the house contains also garage spaces, laundry, and mechanical room. The structure of the house is designed with metallic structural elements. Natural materials such as stone and wood blend the whole synthesis to the surroundings referenced to the agricultural environment.


Moni Residence


Moni, Limassol, Cyprus

Square Meters

276 m²