About This Project

The proposed residence is being developed in Agios Athanasios area. The residential project develops in the half share, of 270m2. The plot is adjacent to the main road from the south side and to a green area on the west. As it concerns the morphology of the ground, there is a slight inclination to the north and rocky ground surface. The house is consisted by 3 levels and is attached to the neighbouring half share through the eastern wall. Ground floor layout develops in 2 axes. Main spaces such as living room, dining area and kitchen are programmed in open plan layout and take advantage of the west axis which bounds to the green area. Large windows towards the garden and the public green area allow sunshine and air to enter the interior. Secondary programs, garage, utility room and playroom take place on the less illuminated side which neighbours to the other half plot. First floor hosts one en suite bedroom and other three bedrooms. After owner’s request, a more private space is created on terrace floor, used for reading and relaxing in free time. Large windows in this space offer great city and sea views.


Ayios Athanasios Residence 2


Ayios Athanasios, Limassol, Cyprus

Square Meters

276 m²