About This Project

This apartment building is in the center of Limassol, in a very dense built neighborhood. Having the adjacent buildings at a very close distance, it was important to offer privacy to the users but at the same time, allow as much air and sun penetrate through. To achieve that, our design proposes the use of perforated panels which will partly block visual contact where is needed. At the north and south sides, the structure duplicates, and offsets from the main spaces, in order to accommodate the panels and create semi outdoor spaces for the users. These balconies allow them to enjoy the exterior but still have protection from the dense urban scenery. Significant element of these balconies are the voids which were designed to assist the sunlight and air to pass through. Also, the trees can grow through these voids and benefit the apartments with green views and more privacy.

The first and second floor accommodate one- and two-bedroom apartments, while the third floor is consisted by a spacious three-bedroom and a one-bedroom flat. The roof floor is designed for having barbeques under the pergolas and surrounded by planted spaces.


Mesa Geitonia Residential Building


Mesa Geitonia, Limassol

Square Meters

595 m2