About This Project

The plot is located on a primary location of Limassol, on the hill of Leukothea. Leukothea is a low-rise residential area with strong ground inclinations and offers great views of the cityscape and the sea. The owners assigned to our firm the design of an apartment building, six two-bedroom flats which ideally could have the flexibility to easily be adjusted as three bedrooms.

Since there is a 5-meter height difference, we proposed a semi basement floor where all the parking spaces and storage rooms are placed. The ground, first and second floors accommodate the apartments. The plot has an advantageous orientation, since the best views compliment the south and the road is adjacent on the north boundary. The concept develops with these conditions as we place the circulation axis to the north and allow the living areas to develop to the east, south and west sides. The north façade is developing onto a grid defined by the structure of the building. The circulation elements (staircase, lift and corridors) are semi – exposed, only protected by the trees which interrupt corridors and structure.

The main living areas are located to the south. The continuous glass openings attempt to break the boundary between interior and exterior living space. The large balconies are sun protected by the upper slabs and make the outdoor activities comfortable for sunny days.

The two-bedroom flats are designed in order to be able to have a third bedroom, with a few simple modifications, replacing the space of the dining area.


Leukothea Residential Building


Leukothea, Limassol

Square Meters

570 m2