About This Project

This project takes place in a commercial street of Limassol’s city center, at Germasoyia area. The plot has a narrow-long shape and is adjacent to the main road at the north. The west side attaches to an existing building while at the east and south sides, it neighbors, within a distance, with other buildings. The main purpose is to accommodate functional office and commercial spaces. The ground floor is suitable for retail shops or offices while the rest floors are mostly suited for office spaces.The basement accommodates parking spaces and storage rooms.

At the three sides, this five-layer volume is equipped with fully glazed façades. A curtain wall system is designed for the south and west sides which are most exposed to the intense sunlight. The curtain wall is consisted by pleated metallic mesh, supported by a steel structure. This system will sun protect the large openings. In addition, it will allow constant air flow inside the gap (in between the perforated façade and the glazed surfaces), which will eventually contribute in cooling down the building when the weather is warm.


Germasoyia Office Building


Germasoyia, Limassol, Cyprus

Square Meters

417 m²