About This Project

The supermarket is at the western suburbs of Limassol and is a family business that owns many other stores all over Cyprus. The building is located at the main commercial street of Ypsonas at a large corner plot. Because of its large scale, simple materials and colour pallets are proposed for the project. The neutral surfaces combined with the plantation at the perimeter, assist the building to its adaptation to the surrounding environment. The shell of the building is mostly fair faced concrete, white walls, glass and aluminium.

The interior of the building is divided into different zones, since a supermarket demands categorization and certain types of layout for each category. Entrance and exit passage is connected with the cashiers’ axis. This is important for circulation issues. This zone is at the east side and is fully illuminated by large windows which follow along. The rest aisles/shelves develop vertically to this axis while on the perimeter, the customers will find the different service stations (bakery, fish, meat markets, cheese station). An extensive parking place is designed just outside the store to serve the visitors and the staff.




Ipsonas, Limassol, Cyprus

Square Meters

8000 m²