About This Project

This is a renovation project of a small shop. A delicatessen  shop, aiming to convey the brand vision through a relaxing and sharing space. It is located in one of the most popular commercial areas of Limassol, in the city centre.

At the north side the shop is adjacent to the main road. At the south it becomes part of the portico of the complex building it belongs, while the west facade is more exposed to exterior environment since the plot adjacent is used as a ramp for an underground parking area.

It is proposed that large windows frame the 3 sides of the shop in order to gain immediate connection to the exterior. Part of the concept is for this tiny space to work with the city flow and become part of it.

The main thing in the design are the details that create a special atmosphere and comfort. The central element was the adaptation of a humble material, osb boards, into multiple uses and applications. A metallic structure with osb boxes is proposed for exposing the products allowing the use of as many boxes needed every time. At the west side, osb structures will frame the large openings and create the sitting/ lounge area where customers can enjoy the treats. Working and Sales area is developed throughout the length of the space by osb cabinets, metallic countertops and food stands.

Starting the project, we did not know what exactly and in what condition was preserved under the multiple layers of additions, since it has been through different uses over years.

It took several days to dismantle all the layers and recover some of the original elements used in the past.




Limassol City Centre

Square Meters

100 m²