About This Project

This office building provides a creative working environment for a trading company. It is located in Linopetra, one of the main industrial areas of Limassol. The key goals of the project were to create a new identity for the brand and a better environment for the people working there. Since the building was first built in 1988, this renovation also focuses in sustaining the existing building and corresponding to current and future needs of the working flow.

The building accommodates the administration and mechanical team and is part of a larger complex where other production and storage facilities are also located.

Due to structural issues, part of the first floor’s slab is to be removed. Instead, a double height space takes place, hosting the reception and waiting area. This area is completed by the translucent circulation facilities (staircase/ lift). A glass bridge interrupts the double height space and allows to users the visual contact of first floor’s access.

The rest of the ground floor features offices for the sales assistants, the mechanical team’s offices connected with the lab area, a kitchen/ dining space and hygiene facilities. Also access to further storage areas is proposed. The first floor is occupied by the administration offices and the conference room.

Main part of the proposal focuses in applying a second skin which will protect the building from intense sunlight and will allow air to circulate in between, cooling the building’s structure and windows. This is to be constructed by aluminium horizontal louvers, which will be placed at a distance from the building, creating semi – outdoor welcoming spaces and gardens.


Office Renovation Linopetra


Linopetra, Limassol, Cyprus

Square Meters

485 m²