About This Project

Tribe is a tiny coffeehouse at a commercial street of Limassol. The brand is focusing in the whole process of making coffee. Along with the operation of barista behind the bar, the bean grinder sounds, the aroma of coffee begins to diffuse, until the coffee beans are made into a cup of coffee with a unique flavour and placed in a delicate container presented in front of guests. In this process, the barista is more like a performer playing complicated instruments. We hope this superb performance could be fully demonstrated through our spatial design.

The room is an oblong, where the equipment and the barista station take over the east side while sitting area for customers and guests along with the staircase are located at the opposite side. The staircase leads to the mezzanine where it accommodates an office space and restrooms. Movable iroko panels open up and allow visual contact from the office towards the demonstration area.

The intense effect of the materiality, which is generated by large iroko wooden surfaces, dark tones and adobe bricks, define a sense of a warm and earthly environment, reference to the coffee beans’ origin.


Coffee Shop


Mesa Geitonia, Limassol, Cyprus

Square Meters

174 m²