About This Project

This project is part of a residential complex located in Parekklisia. A suburb area which currently undergoes a rapid construction development. The specific plot lies on a sloped hill and offers spectacular views of the sea and the Saint Raphael’s marina from above. The house is consisted by three levels. Main concept was to welcome the outdoors into the interior and strengthen view frames. Translucency features in a great point at the south side, allowing direct relationship with the surrounding garden, water surfaces and views. The rest sides are designed with frame windows, which project into the interior, framed views of the surrounding hills. The facades are developed with a materiality pattern where wood, white surfaces and fair faced concrete alternate playfully and create different qualities.

The circulation programs such as the staircase and lift are placed at the core of the house. The other programs develop around this movement axis. The living room, dining area and kitchen are placed in the southern side and maintain interaction with the swimming pool, outdoor sitting spaces and the great views.  At the north side, the ground floor is completed by an office space, utility rooms, a guest’s room and bathrooms. The first floor is consisted by en-suite bedrooms and spacious balconies. The north balcony maintains a more private character and is used for enjoying gardening of the green wall. On the other hand, the south balconies are more open towards the landscape and are used more as lounge/sitting areas. The basement concentrates supportive uses, such as storage, utility rooms, gym, saunas and parking spaces.


Pareklissia House 5


Pareklissia, Limassol, Cyprus

Square Meters

555 m²