About This Project

In 2019 our team had the opportunity, to design the first business center for CYPCO DIRECT in Limassol. The project took place in a 90’s building near Agia Zoni and Makariou avenue intersection. The new business center is located on the third floor of a three-story building and the area of the floor is 330 m2. The orthogonal shape of the floor defines the layout of the business center. The proposed layout offers 18 offices, a server room, a conference room plus a lounge area.  The majority of the offices are positioned on the perimeter of the floor. The central lounge area is surrounded by the offices and the secondary programs. Due to the proposed layout, the lounge area was lacking natural light. To tackle this issue, we proposed suspended orthogonal lights mapped on a grid formation. The artificial skylights are luminating the lounge area and the surrounding corridors. The user is welcomed by this interior core of light and is navigated, through the side corridors. Furthermore, the lounge area allows visitors and existing users to interact with each other. Colorful furniture and monolithic wooden surfaces, enable visitors to experience a more cheerful and relaxing working environment. The exposed concrete ceiling comes in contrast with the colorful furniture and white walls. Moreover, the use of white color in the main corridors creates a non-claustrophobic feeling of movement. Concluding, the renovation of the existing floor offers to visitors a dialogue between a working environment and a relaxing space for interaction and socialization.


Office Renovation


Mesa Geitonia, Limassol, Cyprus

Square Meters

317 m²


Sarioglou Vassilis