About This Project

The residential project develops in a rectangular shaped plot with slight inclination. At southern site the plot is adjacent to the main road which also bounds to a church and its yard.

Client’s request for privacy at all times, intrigued the concept for this project. The proposal focuses on creating a house which will have complete independency from its surroundings. The idea goes back to more traditional typology common in agriculture areas. Where in order to have more protection, they used to plan enclosed inner yards.

At the boundaries of the plot, a 2m height wall is designed in order to create a protective barrier between the surrounded environment and the site. The wall interrupts the relationship between the indoor programs and the existing site conditions. Although the wall stands as a barrier between two sites, the perforated structure of it, allows light and air to pass through it. A central metallic door leads the user directly into the inner yard. The house garden welcomes the user before the main entrance. While the boundary wall is defined as a white monolithic barrier surface, the black metallic door stands in contrast with it and highlights the passage.

The interior spaces are planned in one level, and form around the inner courtyard. Main spaces, living room, dining and kitchen develop in an open plan layout and large openings welcome plenty of light and views of the surrounding garden. The plan is completed by an en-suite bedroom, two bedrooms for the children of this family, a guest room and other supportive spaces.


MP House


Ayios Athanasios, Limassol, Cyprus

Square Meters

230 m²