About This Project

The building is considered as a connecting link between man and the landscape, mediating the coexistence of the physical space and the human entity. The form and spatial configuration of the residence is defined by the morphology of the terrain and the user’s movement based on the panoramic view. The design strategy of inserting the building within the hill aims to assimilate the boundaries of the architectural envelop with the outer environment. The circulation within the building is a journey of unity between the exterior and the interior.The plot where the house will be developed is on the highest peak of the local morphology, with a south-eastern orientation. The mild slope on the side allows smooth integration of the building into the environment. By inserting the building in the slope, the smooth assimilation between the architectural volume and the natural terrain is achieved. Leaving the building exposed, to the continuous southeast view. Assimilation is achieved through the use of local materials and local vegetation. Creating an active shell that alternates between the seasons and weather conditions.The entrance to the building is defined through the uphill course the user must follow. As the user moves thought the slope it reaches the highest level of the hill, as the main entrance of the building awaits to welcome him.The residence is divided into three main volumes. The western volume is embedded in the hillside, the eastern is exposed to the surrounding elements while the central core connects each other. The entrance and the lobby of the house together with the dining room defines the central core of the building. The movement through the residence is enrich through the exterior perspectives. Creating a journey of freedom and relaxation while the interior and exterior spaces interact with each other. In the western area there are three bedrooms the garage and other supporting spaces, such as the warehouse and the engine room. In the eastern area is the living room, the kitchen, a secondary kitchen and a fourth bedroom.


Hill House


Pareklissia, Limassol, Cyprus

Square Meters: