About This Project

The site is located in Ayia Fyla, a medium-dense residential area. The residential project develops in the half share, of a rectangular shaped plot. The plot is adjacent to the main road from the north side and to a pedestrian passage on the east. As it concerns the morphology of the ground, there is a decreasing inclination which concludes to a height difference of 3m from north to south.

The house is consisted by 3 levels and is attached to the neighbouring half share through the garage wall. At the north side, the main entrance is characterised by a vertical glass/steel structure. This translucent element allows plenty of natural light to the adjacent interior spaces, lobby and staircase. Taking into consideration the height difference of the landscape, the entrance is located in between two floors. After entering the house, the user could be directed either to the ground floor or to the first floor. Basement level is used for storage only. Main uses such as living room, kitchen and dining area are programmed in an open plan layout, on ground floor, expanding from north to south. A skylight is vertically illuminating the double height interior of living room’s area. In addition, other large openings at ground floor also illuminate, ventilate and offer direct passage to outdoor spaces. An en suite bedroom/office space is also located on ground floor level, designed in more privacy, for sleeping and reading needs. The rest of main sleeping areas locate on first floor.


Ayia Fyla House


Ayia Fyla, Limassol,Cyprus

Square Meters

187 m²