About This Project

These projects are part of a residential complex located in Parekklisia. A suburb area which currently undergoes a rapid construction development. The specific plot lies on a hill and offers spectacular views of the sea and the Saint Raphael’s marina from above. The ground’s morphology is characterized by strong inclinations. Taking this into consideration, the houses develop in three levels. Main concept was to welcome outdoors into the interior and strengthen view frames. Translucency reinforces direct relationship with the surrounding gardens, water surfaces and views.

The houses feature surfaces of perforated brick walls which protect from weather conditions and create semi-outdoor spaces for multiple uses, such us entrance verandas, sitting/ lounge verandas, parking spaces and barbeque areas. Furthermore, these perforated structures, in many cases, surround trees, vegetation and outdoor areas, offering sense that the landscape dissolves into the house.

The main interior spaces are oriented at the south and correspond to the best views. Horizontal elements offer shading to the large glazed surfaces and also cover the outdoor patios. In addition, swimming pools are also oriented in south and reference to the sea’s location. In a more private zone, at north, develop reading spaces, utility rooms and restrooms. The first floors host en suite bedrooms which are surrounded by green roofs and balconies. The basement concentrates supportive uses, such as storage, utility rooms, gym, saunas, mechanical rooms and parking spaces.


Pareklissia House 6 + 7


Pareklissia, Limassol, Cyprus

Square Meters

527m², 572 m²