About This Project

This residential project is designed for a father and his son. Their request was to have spaces for spending time together, but also having parts of the house which can be used separately and more privately. The building will be located in a neighborhood close to the center of Limassol, and is the half share of a bigger plot. It has a long-narrowed rectangular shape. Its morphology led the design to develop vertically. The main concept is stimulated by the void/garden which is based in the basement and goes through the multiple levels of the building. The spaces are articulated around it, and where is needed, it works as a separator for spaces. At the same time, it assists air and light to pass through the floors and reach the spaces. At the south, the plot is adjacent to the main street. Our proposal suggests the application of a second skin layer for the south side, which will benefit ecologically the building. Specifically, a material is a suggested with a level of transparency which will be able to filter sunlight but still let enough, to reach through. Also it will provide a level of privacy since this side bounds to the public street.

The basement hosts secondary spaces such as parking areas, a guest bedroom, the gym area and a utility room. On the ground floor there are the common areas, lobby, living room, kitchen and the dining area which is on a suspended perforated platform, above the void/garden, preserving this way the void’s impact into the space. On the first floor, the void comes between the two bedrooms and allows privacy. Also a sitting space is designed. More sitting/leisure spaces are located on the second floor, where the Master bedroom is. The roof garden is consisted by areas for outdoor activities, cooking, dining and relaxing at the terrace.


Concept Development


Limassol Cyprus

Square Meters

304 m²