About This Project

The wind blows high up on one of the hills of a small mountain village. There, a peaceful family cottage is designed as a gateway for a 4 membered family. It is important for the client and for us to maintain a humble design method in order to keep up with the peaceful natural surroundings and integrate them to the general design of the house.

The set of volumes indicate separation between communal spaces and private areas. The connection is achieved through a glass corridor. Extended experimentation took place concerning the placement of the building to the site. The chosen angle for the volumes was finalised by taking to consideration the sun orientation, the mountain views and the wind circulation.

These narrow cabins stretch 14 meters long and aim to frame the views of the surrounding mountaintops towards the north-west sides. The main yard bounds in between and continues as an extension of the interior communal spaces, kitchen, dining area and living room. Large openings succeed immediate contact to outdoors.

The bedrooms extend to the second volume. Highlight area constitutes the bathroom space which offers the best view as a tranquil bath takes place.

The simple structure is proposed to be constructed by metallic beams and columns. The roof is designed to expose its structure and its wooden coating, contributing to the warm, cosy environment of a small hill cottage house.


Καρί τ'Ανέμου


Prastio Kellakiou

Square Metres